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10 Orlando Bloom/Elijah Wood icons.

10 Orlando Bloom/Elijah Wood icons.

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Captain Picard yo!

  • YAY! :D

    I really like the last two on each row. But they are super awesome.

    Fic to be posted directly! I hope you like it!
    • I thought i commented again to this, but maybe it didn't take? well, if you get both, it's b/c lj is stupid.

      what did i say?

      oh yes. hey, if you would put OMG on that last icon, the one with Lij's hand over his mouth, that would be FABULOUS, i would love you forever. *puppy eyes*

      also, your fic is posted here. Enjoy! <3
  • There is a big beautiful picture of lij on the cover of Bust this month. *fans self*
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